Art of InfluX is a foundation that initiates and realizes art projects. The art projects are constructive and consist of co-creations between organization(s), artists and diverse focus groups. An important aspect within the projects is that the focus groups, whose views it concerns, are included in the realization of the final result itself.

Art of InfluX embraces ‘influx’ in the broadest sense of the word: the inflow of ideas, visions, stories, perceptions, experiences and creativity. The InfluX that is being (re)presented in the art projects always include a form of interactive storytelling.

Art of InfluX believes that comprehending different points of view may lead to greater knowledge and understanding. The best way to do so is via art.

Every InfluX project aims to embody and realize an intriguing and relevant interplay between art, anthropology and people.


Art of InfluX is an initiative of visual anthropologist and artist Josje Priester.

Josje advocates for co-creation in art projects as way of exploring how various people give meaning to themselves and their living environment and how this reflects upon the prevailing discourse concerning that group. Josje believes that artistic projects are the perfect way to expose the space that exists between different realities and, to then, connect them to each other.

"Constructive art projects do not only create equal space for expression based on the individual; they also lead to greater knowledge, understanding and connection for a more inclusive world."

Board of InfluX

Femke Rotteveel

Michael Ogubai

Cynthia Fidder

Esther Willing